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These are the things I do to help you.

WordPress Website Setup

We’re strong believers in getting what you need out of a website. WordPress is flexible enough to give you all the tools you need to grow your business. Each website consultation includes an in-depth look into the potential plugins, theme needs, and design elements you’ll need to have the most website for the money. Click the icon above to learn more.

Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting involves leveraging the personality of your business to create a brand that is worthy of interacting with.  People who promise to get your company so many “leads” or “likes” and do so through advertising dollars or spam-like promotions are not getting the purpose of social media.

Technology Consulting

CnctNOW technology consulting is centered around a complete look at all of the elements of running a small business. CnctNOW will work to identify appropriate technology solutions to financial, communications, manufacturing, and work flow inefficiencies. Always aware of the bottom line for businesses cnctNOW makes every effort to find solutions that will be financially responsible and ultimately grow your business.

DSC00256How does one become a social media consultant? The process begins with a passion for social media and teaching and ends with a lot of trial and error. But my journey to becoming a social media consultant isn’t really a story about me because I’m so much more than the social media world. Which is to say that I have a life outside of the virtual worlds. First and most importantly I am a father to six incredible children and a husband to a patient wife. We are what you might call your typical suburban family…particularly when we’re riding around in our Suburban. We love the Tri-Cities and enjoy the family friendly nature of the area. To that end I have decided to do what I can in the Tri-Cities to build the local businesses. Read More



Musing, News, Information, Tips, Success Stories, and more.

A Change Of Heart On Social Media Management

I’ve maintained that social media management should be done “in-house”…preferably by someone in charge of the company. I still hold that as an ideal for small businesses. If it can be done by the owner, or manager, or even just someone in... read more

Authenticity is the Key to Virality

Authenticity is something so many businesses struggle with. They have fallen prey to the idea that commerciality and branding polish is the key to presenting your business in the most professional manner. While polish is never a bad thing there are times that too much... read more

Load WordPress Faster [Infographic]

I help my clients build their online presence with WordPress websites. Frequently these businesses purchase the economic hosting plan. These shared hosting options are great for sites that are just starting out and don’t have a lot of traffic. Unfortunately it... read more

Lessons I learned at my first Krav Maga class

Go all out until you can’t breath and then breath for a minute and go all out some more. This year I’ve started the year with a major health focus in mind. I’m going to get fit, and trim. My goal is to be roughly what I weighed when I married my wife... read more

Website Remodel Sale

I’m probably going to regret this but I’m going to do it anyway. The busiest season is quickly approaching (I know…I don’t want to think about it either). People are already getting ready for the season by shopping online and checking out the... read more

Social Media Day in Tri-Cities WA!

We’re going to be celebrating international Social Media Day on June 30 at the Richland Public Library. The event is going to be full of awesome speakers and seminars and plenty of opportunity to socialize. Please join us for an awesome day of Facebook, Google+,... read more

$700 of Facebook account management for a $20 experiment

I’d like to manage your Facebook page for 1 month with an investment of $20 for Facebook advertising. Generally this would cost about $700 for management and running a campaign. Due to changes with Facebook and the increasing need for businesses to pay-to-play... read more

Big Changes with New Year 2014

CnctNow is a fun business and I have a lot of opportunity to work with fantastic businesses and organizations. In the new year cnctNOW is getting a face lift online and new service offerings. This year has been a banner year with new clients and tons of growth for the... read more
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