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WordPress Website Setup

We’re strong believers in getting what you need out of a website. WordPress is flexible enough to give you all the tools you need to grow your business. Each website consultation includes an in-depth look into the potential plugins, theme needs, and design elements you’ll need to have the most website for the money. Click the icon above to learn more.

Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting involves leveraging the personality of your business to create a brand that is worthy of interacting with.  People who promise to get your company so many “leads” or “likes” and do so through advertising dollars or spam-like promotions are not getting the purpose of social media.

Technology Consulting

CnctNOW technology consulting is centered around a complete look at all of the elements of running a small business. CnctNOW will work to identify appropriate technology solutions to financial, communications, manufacturing, and work flow inefficiencies. Always aware of the bottom line for businesses cnctNOW makes every effort to find solutions that will be financially responsible and ultimately grow your business.

DSC00256How does one become a social media consultant? The process begins with a passion for social media and teaching and ends with a lot of trial and error. But my journey to becoming a social media consultant isn’t really a story about me because I’m so much more than the social media world. Which is to say that I have a life outside of the virtual worlds.

First and most importantly I am a father to six incredible children and a husband to a patient wife. We are what you might call your typical suburban family…particularly when we’re riding around in our Suburban. We love the Tri-Cities and enjoy the family friendly nature of the area. To that end I have decided to do what I can in the Tri-Cities to build the local businesses.

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It’s The End of GPlus As We Know It…And I Feel Fine

It’s the end of Google Plus as we know it …and I feel fine. (Thank you Michael Stipe for such a catchy tune) The tech media and business pundits across the journalism landscape are prognosticating again. They have been yelling “the end is near” so much that you almost imagine them with a ragged suit coat and long ragged beards wearing a sandwich board on some busy urban street corner. Their prophetic refrains are so consistent that it borders on obsessive. They’re bound to get it right some day. Today, however, is NOT that day. Google Plus is a long way from dead. It is getting more money, more attention, and more resources (people) than it has in the past and all of the “announcements” that lazy journalists are latching onto as evidence of the “slow death” of Google Plus is actually indicating the opposite. This all hinges on the announcement of David Besbris departure from the G+ team and his replacement by Bradley Horowitz as leader of Google Plus. More precisely it has to do with Horowitz correctly distinguishing his post as being head of “streams and photos” which to some was interpreted as a “splitting” of the two elements of Google+. Reality is that it’s simply an internal distinction that allocates resources to specific products within the Google+ family. Which really indicates less of a “breakup” and more of a focused allocation of resources. The naysayers and wild-eyed wizards of the tech industry are never going to get behind Google+. They will continue to discount reliable assessments of Google Plus size and activity. They will view every... read more

A Change Of Heart On Social Media Management

I’ve maintained that social media management should be done “in-house”…preferably by someone in charge of the company. I still hold that as an ideal for small businesses. If it can be done by the owner, or manager, or even just someone in charge of marketing within an organization it should be done inside the company. However, I have been connecting with a lot more small business owners and I’m finding that many of these owners simply haven’t got the time. More than that, most of them haven’t got the desire to manage social media. They know that there is value in social media but they simply have too much to concern themselves with. I’ve been working with a very ambitious and growing company recently and they have been trying to be more present on social media. In the few meetings when we’ve drafted social media posts together it became clear to me that the process for them was very taxing. Creativity came in spades but the fundamentals of marketing, the difficulty in deciding a message and the lack of confidence in using the tools at their disposal quickly demonstrated to me that some people are not prepared to manage their own social media. I’ve been working with clients since 2011 on how to manage social media in 15 minutes a day. I’ve graduated a few clients and they’re doing splendid. I’m still working with several clients on adding additional networks to their suite of social media channels. Without many exceptions, however, they all struggle to make that goal of 15 minutes of social media management. They invariably spend an... read more

Authenticity is the Key to Virality

Authenticity is something so many businesses struggle with. They have fallen prey to the idea that commerciality and branding polish is the key to presenting your business in the most professional manner. While polish is never a bad thing there are times that too much polish may blind your customers to the real you and thus they’ll treat you like every advertisement on TV…skip it with the DVR. Imagine for a moment. You’re scrolling through your news feed. It’s a typical workday afternoon. Your boss is as disinterested in work as you are and you’re just perusing the interesting lives of those who seem to have time for posting on social media. There’s the inevitable selfie, the gratuitous baby pics with sweet story attached, the plethora of food pics displaying gastric feats of wonder to all the world, the novel length diatribe by your favorite activist, a smattering of trending news items, and the seemingly ubiquitous advertisements from video games to your local flower shop. Your mind has become adept at filtering the massive amounts of data being streamed to your visual cortex. You know to look for certain things that interest you. You know when the picture of a baby is someone you need to comment on for fear of hurting their feelings, you have an affinity for that flower shop down the street ever since they did your deceased grandmas flower arrangement, you know to skip over those indulgent selfies of the perpetually fit friend from high school, and you know that the video game advertisements mean you’ve spent too much time on Angry Birds. All of this... read more

Load WordPress Faster [Infographic]

I help my clients build their online presence with WordPress websites. Frequently these businesses purchase the economic hosting plan. These shared hosting options are great for sites that are just starting out and don’t have a lot of traffic. Unfortunately it means that they also don’t get all of the resources that will make the site load quickly. Below is an infographic on how to speed up WordPress. The infographic is from and is very useful if you need to understand how to get the most out of your WordPress installation. Source:... read more

Lessons I learned at my first Krav Maga class

Go all out until you can’t breath and then breath for a minute and go all out some more. This year I’ve started the year with a major health focus in mind. I’m going to get fit, and trim. My goal is to be roughly what I weighed when I married my wife 15 years ago. It’s a steep goal…but I’ve been working hard through December to put myself in a position to be successful and I feel like I can handle this job. Part of this effort is finding something that excites me and keeps me motivated to be fit. I’ve had an interest in Krav Maga, a martial arts developed for and by the Israeli special forces, for some time. For Christmas my dear wife got me a punch card to give me a chance to see if it’s a good fit for me. I went for my first session on Saturday and I think this is going to be a great fit for me. Here are a few things I learned. 1. I’m REALLY out of shape. Seriously. I was working really hard trying to be big a tough and I literally started seeing things fade to black during one drill. Intense! 2. If you stop breathing you will faint. As I mentioned above…I nearly fainted and it has a lot to do with the fact that I stopped taking a breath with each strike. This applies to business. Make sure you take a breath when you’re working hard. This doesn’t mean go on vacation. It simply means you’ve got to make sure that you don’t... read more

Website Remodel Sale

I’m probably going to regret this but I’m going to do it anyway. The busiest season is quickly approaching (I know…I don’t want to think about it either). People are already getting ready for the season by shopping online and checking out the best sites for deals. They’re surfing. They’re shopping. They’re spending. You need to be part of that. I’m going to offer a website remodel to anyone who has a dated site and would like to make the jump to a more modern look and future proof platform. Here’s what the package includes. Keep in mind that this is for sites that already are up and running and just need to be updated. If you’d like to get a quote on a new site click here. Complete remodel of your 5 page* (typical) website using the existing content WordPress install on your host if you don’t already have it Select from 21 Premium Responsive (mobile friendly) WordPress Themes with unlimited design freedom** 2 Hour training on WordPress Start a blog – if you haven’t already got one – transfer a blog to WordPress if necessary Connect social media accounts Create and link to Google Analytics account if needed Additional plugins for security, search engine optimization (SEO), and additional functionality as needed Audit of existing content for presentation, effectiveness, grammar, punctuation, and readability Basically this package is worth about $1,000 for a typical site that already has content and just needs a facelift. In preparation for Small Business Saturday and to support as many small business owners as I can I am selling this package for just $300.... read more

Google+ Hangouts Gets Important New Tool: Showcase App

Google+ is not dead…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact Google+ and all of it’s many facets is a constant source of innovation and integration. A very recent example of this innovation is the addition of the Showcase App for Google+ Hangouts. The Showcase App allows you to add links and their preview to the right hand side of a Hangout. Here is an early example of what that looks like: So what’s the big deal? Why am I geeking out and proclaiming the revolution of social media over such a mundane addition? The answer is in the possibilities. This feature will create a whole new set of engagement models. I’m imagining niche Home Shopping Networks that have the benefit of social and the ease of shopping directly from the hangout. I’m imagining auctions being done virtually over this system. I’m imagining training sessions and book readings, and affiliate unboxings that have links to a shop. Let your imagination run wild. Showcase App for Google+ Hangouts is really a marvel. I encourage you to check out the video linked from the image above and also the hangout that I learned of this embedded post below. I’d really like to hear what you plan on doing with this new app. I hope to be putting this app to use in the very near future. Use the comments section below to give me your thoughts on this new tool and tell me if I’m cracked for being so enthusiastic about... read more

Social Media Day in Tri-Cities WA!

We’re going to be celebrating international Social Media Day on June 30 at the Richland Public Library. The event is going to be full of awesome speakers and seminars and plenty of opportunity to socialize. Please join us for an awesome day of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and everything else social. Click here for... read more

$700 of Facebook account management for a $20 experiment

I’d like to manage your Facebook page for 1 month with an investment of $20 for Facebook advertising. Generally this would cost about $700 for management and running a campaign. Due to changes with Facebook and the increasing need for businesses to pay-to-play I’d like to experiment with your money on how much improved traffic I can generate for just $20 a month investment in Facebook advertising. In order to do this I’ll need to manage all of your Facebook posts for a month. There are definitely details that would need to be covered for the lucky persons selected for this experiment, but those would be part of a complete consulting meeting with the selected business. Criteria: Must have a Facebook Page (not a profile — if you don’t know the difference you may not be a good candidate) Must have at least 30 followers/likes in their page Must have a website with active content (i.e. blog, portfolio,products, newsletter, etc) Must be willing to spend $20 on advertising with no commitment to continue with management services Must be available to reach for creating content relevant to your page Must be happy with the results even if they’re “mediocre”…this is a test and you don’t always get an A on every test. Experiments fail. Worst case is you improved your reach temporarily. I’m selecting two businesses. I’d prefer that one sell a service and the other sell a product. Obviously there are businesses that overlap these categories and they would be considered for either category. Selection will be made on February 28th. Management will run from March 10 – April... read more

Big Changes with New Year 2014

CnctNow is a fun business and I have a lot of opportunity to work with fantastic businesses and organizations. In the new year cnctNOW is getting a face lift online and new service offerings. This year has been a banner year with new clients and tons of growth for the business and clients. Looking forward it is more clear that cnctNOW is so much more than just social media consulting. While cnctNOW is just a short way of saying Connect Now we’re going to make more of those connections and improve the breadth of what we do for clients. You may have noticed that I keep referring to cnctNOW as “we” when the business is really just “me”. I’m a one man show…except that I’m not. I have a family and in particular I have a wife. The “we” in cnctNOW includes her as my support and my helper. Essentially, cnctNOW doesn’t exist without her. In the new year, however, I’m going to put her to work even more. She’s going to be helping me make even better use of my time and help me reach more clients. I hope that you’ll get to know her through me and perhaps in person over the course of the year. Look for more blogs, more videos, more advice, and just more. While 2013 goes out with a bang 2014 roars in not to be out done. Happy New Year one and... read more
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